The Palmer family crest
International Action

Our Story

Our Mission

The Palmer Foundation empowers people to reach their highest potential. We strive to be a catalyst for change by funding water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) initiatives and preparing youth and adults for quality careers. Our grants are focused on projects that are realistic, impactful, and measurable.

Our History

The Palmer Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit private foundation with a focus on WASH (water access, sanitation, and hygiene) and workforce development. It was founded by Mary Palmer Enroth and named the Palmer Foundation in honor of Stanton Palmer, first president of Snap-on Tools, and his son, Rogers Palmer, senior vice president of Snap-on Tools. The Foundation's board of directors decided to support competitive domestic and international grant proposals into perpetuity.

Our Values

The trustees believe in honest, open communication, creativity, education and individual empowerment.

Officers and Board of Directors

Mary P. Enroth, Chairman
Karen E. Lischick, President
Susan Le Mieux Enroth, Vice President
Jay L. Owen, Secretary
Peter Lischick, Treasurer
Grant Lischick, Director

Megan Enroth, Director